Little Moments Like These

It's been hot this summer and we've had record rainfall in June.  The grapes are loving it and are growing like crazy this year!  It's been a challenge keeping everything mowed, but with the trellis complete, it's now a matter of keeping the vines under control. I never dare say that we are getting caught up (because you are NEVER caught up in a vineyard :) ...there will ALWAYS be something to do!), but I can say that we are managing it pretty well. Since we are in year 2, there will be no crop for us this fall.  We are picking off all of the grape clusters and are mainly trying to get our vines trained to the trellis and preparing them for a partial crop next season.

There is always pruning to do, and since our grapes grow like crazy, staying ahead of the pruning is no easy task.  So, we will keep the growth off the trunk, and make sure the clusters are off the vine so it can focus on getting bigger instead of producing fruit.  My mom and I are leaving a few clusters on each variety just so we can see how they ripen and document it so we can prepare for next season when we will actually have a crop to harvest.

And, we finally remembered to bring our camera out to the vineyard, so we have some great photos to share.  It's the little moments like these that made the decision to help my mom on her venture a "no brainer" for me.  I get to bring my little ones to work with me...and they LOVE it!  It helps that Grandma and Grandpa put a sandbox in the vineyard AND have lots of tractors to ride.  But, whatever makes it fun is fine with me!

Enjoy the photos!

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  • Denise says...

    Love the pictures! Landon and Ella are looking so grown up. Can’t wait to come see the progress of the vineyard after all the effort everyone has put in. It’s looking great – way to go!

    January 18, 2016

  • Pat Erger says...

    Brenda and Anna, Its awesome what you are doing. I love to see your web site and keep up with you,
    Love, Aunt Pat

    January 18, 2016

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