Landon's Little Red

July has come and gone and now we're heading into the last part of August.  I would comment on where the time has gone, but everyone knows how fast the summers seem to fly by! :) I thought I'd write a short introduction about Landon's newest favorite part about going to work with Mommy at the grapes...Little Red.  He actually refers to it as "baby red tractor," but one of his many favorite books is "Little Red," a Berenstain Bears book, so I thought it was a good fit.

My dad purchased a great find this summer, and we now have a tractor for the vineyard.  My mom drives it well, and I drive it not quite as well...but, it's been a while since I've been on anything but a riding lawn mower, so I'll figure it out. :)  As long as I check the oil and not ride the clutch (that would not be my dad talking! :)...I think I'll be fine. We also have a custom-built sprayer and hope to find a mower to use on the tractor as well for future mowing.  But, it's a great and much-needed addition, and we're beginning to feel like a real vineyard.  The work has definitely been real, it's just that now the grapes are starting to look like they've been around for a while.  As I have said before, growing grapes has not been a problem for us...controlling them, on the other hand, is a different story!

I have some great photos of Little Red, compliments of my cousin, Kelly.  They made the trip out to the Jones County Fair in July, and stopped by to look at our vineyard and take some great pics!  She is a farm girl at heart...she's already helped us plant the crop, so I'm guessing she'll know a lot about our grapes as well down the road.  I'm trying to talk her into a "summer internship" at Glyn Mawr Vineyard when she goes to college in a couple would be a little work, but mostly fun. :) Until next time...take care!

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  • Pat Erger says...

    Anna, you look really good on Little Red. Really want to see your place, and can’t wait to taste some of the wine. My granddaughter and I just stopped at the Fireside Winery near Williamsberg. We like to travel and stop at Wineries.

    January 18, 2016

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