Our Fruitful Labors...Pun Very Much Intended! :-)

Welcome to Glyn Mawr Harvest 2012!

I haven't kept up with our vineyard blog as much as I would have liked to, but it certainly doesn't mean we haven't been keeping up in our vineyard! :)

And, actually this year our vineyard has probably looked the best yet, with some extra tools, a little more knowledge, and a whole lot of time and effort!  Although, most of the credit this year goes to my mom, as she definitely did more than her share while I had our 3rd little addition to our family! 


With the very dry year, our harvest is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule from last year.  We have already been picking for 2 weekends, and we are scheduled to finish all of our varieties in another 2 weekends.  So, we will be completely finished harvesting this year at about the time we began last year!

In addition, this is our first full crop harvested at our vineyard, and we are averaging over 3 times as many grapes as last year.  With another 19 rows yet to harvest, we hope our remaining varieties impress us with their crop load as well.

Here are some photos from our first 2 weeks of harvesting, as well as some photos of the bird netting going up.

Stay tuned!

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