Ready, Set, Pick!


We are ready for Harvest 2013!  It's been a great and busy year, and we are gearing up to pick some grapes!

We are looking for helpers to pick weekends in September!!  So, come spend a morning in our vineyard and have some fun!  Here are the details for our upcoming Glyn Mawr Harvest 2013:

-We will begin our harvest Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1st, 7AM-Noon. We will most likely pick every Saturday/Sunday morning in September, but will update our blog and Facebook each week for details!

-Please bring your own lunch or snacks to munch on during the morning.

-Bathroom and water/lemonade will be provided.  We will also have an area to rinse hands after picking.

-We will be paying pickers $3/lug (approx. 30/lb per lug)

-Other optional items you may want to bring or wear while picking: Gloves, hat/visor/sunglasses to protect from sun, comfortable clothes (that may get stained from grape juice :) and comfortable shoes.

-Our vineyard is located at 1618 Hwy. 38, Olin, IA (residence of Dale and Brenda Broulik.) Please call Anna (319-210-4401) or Brenda (319-480-2070) to let us know if you can join us or if you have any other questions!

We are looking forward to a great harvest season and seeing some familiar and new faces in our vineyard! :)

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