Another Harvest in the Books :)

Vineyard Pre-Harvest 

We had some hot weather as we entered this year's harvest, and then ended with some rain and cooler weather...but, the pickers still came! :)  We weren't sure who would brave the last day as it basically poured on us in the morning, but we have great friends, family, and acquaintances who still came with their ponchos and rain gear and got to work!Netting and Elec Fence More Help

We had some very quality grapes come out of our vineyard this year...the hot weather late really made the sugars develop, and overall the grapes were very good...we sampled many as we picked them!

Marquette Loading Grapes

I just wanted to take a little time to showcase some of our photos and memories from this year's no particular order.  I know I've said it before, but we are in good company and really, really appreciate the support of our friends, neighbors and family!  They come rain or shine and help us bring in our crop.

LaCrescent Keatings

We sold all of our grapes again this year to a local winery, and they will have this year's vintage ready to sell in the next year.  Some of the wines may even debut in 2015, depending on the winery's inventory and their use of the grape.

IMGP2861 Harvest


We are not licensed to sell wine at this time, but you better believe we are still cranking out some home wine to sample!  We love working with grapes and making different wines, and love to give out bottles for our friends and family to try.  We usually don't get too many complaints from people getting free wine...I wonder why?? :)

Harvest Crew Hard at Work Grandma and Lane Extra Help Crew 

We hope you enjoy a peek at some of our moments in the vineyard this year!  If you ever have any questions about our vineyard, or grapes or vineyards in general, don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

Clayton, Landon, Ella 

We will update you on our wine efforts this fall, and our preparation for next season!  We just added a shiny new wine-press to our collection of equipment this's working quite well as I even had my 5-year old manning the press action for a while! :)  

Thanks again...'til next time!

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  • Pat Erger says...

    I love to see all the pictures and follow you on your blog. We really enjoyed seeing the grapes in person. Wish I could help, bit not possible. Hope to see you again soon. Love Pat

    January 18, 2016

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