Heard it Through the Grapevine...Glyn Mawr Harvest 2014 is Here! :)


Our blog has not been as active this year, but rest assured, our efforts in the vineyard do not reflect the same! :)  After a LONG winter with little to no action of bud break, it was then like a shot was fired and our grapes took off!  And, we've been chasing them down since then. We were initially 4-5 weeks behind schedule, but the grapes have fully ripened and their sugar levels are increasing everyday.  The bird activity is always an indicator of ripeness, so when the birds start to linger, we are putting on our bird netting.  With our vines pruned and our netting on, we are ready for our harvest season.  We also keep a well-maintained and groomed vineyard, so it is very picker-friendly. :)



As we prepare for our first picking weekend this Saturday, here are the details for Glyn Mawr Harvest 2014:

  • We will begin our harvest Saturday, August 30, 7AM-Noon. Following harvest weekends will be listed the beginning of each  week through the month of September.
  • Please bring your own lunch or snacks. 
  • We will be paying pickers $3/lug (approx. 30/lb per lug)
  • Our vineyard is located at 1618 Hwy. 38, Olin, IA (residence of Dale and Brenda Broulik.) Please call Anna (319-210-4401) or Brenda (319-480-2070) or email us at glynmawr@gmail.com to let us know if you can join us or if you have any other questions!

We welcome YOU and are looking forward to a great harvest season and seeing some familiar and new faces in our vineyard!

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