A Year of Support, Gratitude, and FUN!

tasting-collageHere we are…almost 2 months into 2017, looking back on the past year and all it had to offer while we are already diving into the new year to continue building our business. The time really does just keep on moving…we do our best to keep up!


We can look back and say 2016 was the official kick-off year of our commercial winery.  We launched with our grand opening in March of 2016, and have been working ever since on getting our name and product out there, bettering our craft, finding our niche, and holding events and tastings…and more tastings…and more tastings…to keep reaching new people who have not yet had a chance to try our wines. :)

tee-specialThroughout this year, we have started to learn what is going to work for us, how we want to make a mark on our industry, and what style we want to bring to our customers. Although we know we need to follow a path that is consistent in our industry, we also have decided that we’re going to do it in a way that WE enjoy…because that is what makes it FUN!  And, we hope that we’re also reflecting what our customers enjoy…because our customers also love to have FUN with wine! :)

So, we have started to create recipes, made with our wine, to sample and share with our customers.   We love that there are so many cool and delicious recipes to make with wine…and we enjoy catering to a specific retailer, business, or event, and help put the most fun into our tastings.


We are also very fortunate to be forming some great relationships with our retail locations. Our customers are their customers…and we want to put our best foot forward and help market our product as much as they help to sell it for us.  It’s been a lot of fun meeting so many hard-working people at these businesses.  We are so appreciative of the opportunities we’ve had this past year.

And, we’ll let you in on a little secret…our customers rock! We’ve been humbled by the support of family, friends, our communities, and our local businesses and events, which allow us to grow our business and keep working to make it better.  Our customers know how to have fun, and take pride in supporting local, and we cannot say enough good things about each of them.  If you’re reading this, and have purchased from us…THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

savor-the-barn-tasting We have a lot more wine to sell this year, as this past year’s harvest was huge! So, we’re taking that seriously and keeping our goals focused to get our product out there and into the hands of new people each month.  Again, we couldn’t do it without the support of our customers, family, and friends…so, we’ll keep bringing the fun, and thank you for continuing to show up!


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