Glyn Mawr

Hello! So, really every business or venture is faced with deciding on a name or phrase that will define their business and/or idea.  When my mom initially thought about planting vines on the top 2 acres of their land and opening a winery, I of course, replied, "What are you thinking about naming it?" 

If it would have been me, I'm not sure if I could have ever came up with a name myself...I am that indecisive.  So, when my mom had already thought about the vineyard AND had a name for it, it was probably the best possible situation for me! :)  The hard part was already done! Glyn Mawr...that is the name of our vineyard and future winery.  Now, most people wonder where that name came from, whereas people who live by my parents know exactly where the name originated. My parents' acreage, where they have resided for 23 years and where our vineyard is located, used to be the "Glyn Mawr" Farm, where the Tudor family raised black Angus cattle in the 1940's.  Glyn Mawr is still painted on one of the barns that faces the highway.  In Welsh, it is means "beautiful valley" or, we have also heard "fertile valley." So, my parents thought that would a perfect name for our vineyard and winery, and everyone definitely agreed! Even after our grapes were planted last spring, I had a good friend, who also was my neighbor growing up, say "Have you considered naming your vineyard Glyn Mawr?"  So, I think the name was meant to be...and, I think it will look good (and taste good) on a bottle of wine someday! Well, we're coming up on our anniversary of our vineyard...we planted the grapes the first weekend of May last year.  So, I'll try to find some inaugural photos and post them next time. Right now, I'll just try to post some photos of our spring work this year...the whole family has been a great help, and Landon definitely knows when it's time to work in, "Mama's gapes (grapes!)"  I'm not sure why they are always Grandma's grapes and not Mommy's grapes, too!


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Hello world!

Well, here we go...the first official blog on the Glyn Mawr Vineyard blog site!  I'm not exactly sure how this is going to go, but I'm sure it will get more organized as we go along! We have been extremely busy the last few weeks getting the vineyard ready this year with pruning, spraying, and doing a lot of work from last year that still needs to be done!  But, as some may know, finding the time to stay caught up with over 2 acres of grapes when you have full-time jobs, life, family, and everything else going's easier said than done! Since we are starting this blog site in our second year in the vineyard, we may back track a bit as we talk about how we started, who's all involved, and what our plans are for the future.  But, today, I'm just throwing out an introduction to get the ball rolling, and hopefully my writing side will find its way onto the site in time.  With a 2 1/2-year-old and an 8-month old, I think this may be one of the longest things I have typed in a long time! :) I'm wondering where I should start with this blog, and my first thought is how we arrived at our name, Glyn Mawr.  That credit is all owed to my mom, with perhaps my dad's input??  I'm not sure exactly, but I'll get the story right so I can share it!  But, as my 8-month old wakes up on my lap, I guess it will have to wait until next time! Take care!
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